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Ian R. – 55 – Farm Manager/Sports

I have a sporadic lower back problem caused by an athletics incident landing badly in a high jump competition many years ago. Chronic symptoms can occur at any time and usually without any warning and can take 10 days to recover full mobility and be pain free.

Gillian manages this problem by massage and some manipulation which gives rapid pain relief and reduces recovery time down to a couple of days. I have also visited Gillian when my back is feeling good for a check up and some maintenance, which also makes a big difference. I have also been issued with a range of core stability exercises to help strengthen this area which again has helped me to continue to lead an active work and sporting life.

I have had 6 appointments over the last 2 years and have always felt the benefit of a very professional service ...........the banter is good as well !!!

Thank you

Betty -78 -Retired Farmer

I am 78 years old diabetic and many years ago I lifted a piece of furniture on my own and hurt my back and was unable to walk as I had trapped a nerve. My doctor put me on pain killers which did very little and eventually I saw and osteopaths who was able to manipulate me back to health. Since I have seen a number of osteopaths and I am now seeing Gillian and finding the treatment is helping me greatly. 

Thanks Betty

John – 78 – Retired/ Painter Decorator

I have played a lot of sport and been active all my life and now with my health and injuries find I get a lot of aches and pains and about every 6-8 weeks visit Gillian and find it keeps me right.

Iain W. – 31 - Sales/Fitness

I'd travelled from Australia and through Europe when towards the end I was getting an overwhelming radiating pain in my lower back, right glutei and right leg. Sitting down for 20 minutes or more was a task! I was days away from a (all in) 30 hour trip back to Australia and I was definitely not looking forward to it due to my recent issue with radiating pain. Gillian was fantastic from start to finish and her after care was quite unique.

Gillian talked me through how to approach my long journey with a series of strategic stretches to alleviate the tight muscles that was causing my radiating pain.  I can't thank Gillian enough for sending me a personalised stretching program. I really look forward to getting stuck in to these stretches.

Thanks for the chat, also. You brought up some very good points regarding my training :) I literally just arrived back in Aus and found the flight to ok as i included a series of stretches before and during the flight. 

Thanks Iain

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