Massage Therapist

offers remedial & sport massage for all from our practice in Ladybank.
specialising in remedial & sports massage but also providing limited sessions in
therapeutic relaxation.
Tel: 01337 831588
Kingdom Osteopathy, Fife , Ladybank

Ellie Douglas

Diploma Swedish Massage 2011-12

Diploma Remedial & Sports Massage 2016-17 at Advanced Remedial level
Experienced in use of a number of techniques such as myofascial release, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) and muscle energy techniques (METs),

She has significant experience work at sporting events including marathons, ultras trail and cycling among them.

A qualified Pyschotherapist - MSc in Transactional Psycotherapy Psychotherapy (2000-2012)
Diplomas in counselling

Certification in workplace mediation and several holistic therapies such
as reiki, hot stone treatment and seated acupressure.

As a practitioner she can offer a broad and holistic treatment tailored
to your needs and can include my additional therapies if requested and agreed as part of the treatment.

She has a passion for horses and animals and spends much of her free
time out doors

Tel: 0781 582 4913

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Tel: 01337 831588

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